DC CoDried Powders

DC CoDried powders are preformulated products for a simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective manufacturing process for immediate-relief antacid tablets. An improved, smooth mouth feel is created by porous, spherical particles with uniform size distribution. This delivers a uniform and homogenous dosage. The process is very consistent because it utilizes CoDried technology, creating the same composition from one granule to another.

SPI’s range of DC CoDried powders already developed. If your formulation need requires customization please contact us.

Product Name

Aluminum Assay

Magnesium Assay

Tablet Type

AHMH 2743

27% AI Hydrox DG

43% Mg Hydrox

250-400 mg

AHMH 3535

35% AI Hydrox DG

35% Mg Hydrox

400-400 mg

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Ingredients for Antacids and Laxatives

Ingredients for Antacids and Laxatives

Antacid suspensions can be made from viscous pastes, pumpable gels, powders (preferably micronized) or preformulated products. Antacid tablets and Laxative suspensions can be made from powders, directly compressible (DC) ingredients or DC preformulated products.

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