CM90 calcium granulation is ideal for supplements requiring a creamy mouth feel, high calcium carbonate assay, and high density. Due to its high density and high assay, CM90 is ideal for targeting lower tablet weights and lower tablet volumes while still providing the required calcium content. CM90 can be used in both wet granulation and direct compression systems.


Product Name




Calcium Carbonate, Maltodextin

200 mesh - NMT 25% through

As indicated by the compression graph, due to its high density, CM90 provides for the manufacture of relatively thin tablets for a given weight, leading to an overall reduction in tablet volume. For this reason as well as its high calcium carbonate assay, CM90 is ideal for the manufacture of high-dose calcium supplements or antacids, as the overall tablet size is relatively low for a given calcium carbonate dose.

CM90 generates a minimal amount of friction upon ejection from the tablet die. This reduces the wear and tear on the tableting press and ensures that tablet ejection will not decrease tablet robustness.

Typical particle size for CM90 is centered around 500 microns.

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