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Excipients for Effervescents

Excipients for Effervescents

Effervescence has been used for many years as an oral delivery system and has widespread acceptance in the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. Effervescent delivery systems can provide a number of patient advantages including:

  • Quick absorption of API through fast dissolution
  • Faster onset of therapeutic relief
  • Easier administration for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules
  • Accurate dosing even at high drug loading content
  • Buffering effect for pH-sensitive actives
  • Reduced risk of drug-induced esophagitis
  • Convenient and portable administration

Solving the Challenges of Effervescent Systems

Effervescent delivery systems made with traditional sodium bicarbonate can be difficult to formulate and manufacture because exposure to even minute amounts of moisture and/or acid can cause premature effervescences. SPI Pharma has developed a unique technology to overcome these issues with our Effer-Soda® product, which offers the following benefits:

  • Improves finished product stability by eliminating early effervescent reaction
  • Provides rapid effervescence when desired in the presence of large amounts of water
  • Reduces need for humidity-controlled manufacturing environment
  • Reduces manufacturing steps by eliminating the need to pre-dry effervescent powder
  • Manufactured in a pharmaceutical-dedicated facility under cGMP guidelines

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