Magnesium Hydroxide Powders

Our line of magnesium hydroxide powders are used in wet granulation and direct compression tableting and suspension applications. A wide range of magnesium powders is available, varying in density and particle size distribution. 

On dry basis, Magnesium Hydroxide, dried at 105°C for 2 hours, contains not less than 95.0% and not more than 100.5% of Mg(OH)2.

5100 is free flowing and blends very well with other ingredients. It is low lead (<125 ppb) and can be used in antacids that must meet USA’s California Proposition 65.

5300 is a dense powder that conforms to both USP and EP standards.

MS90 is directly compressible, magnesium hydroxide with starch for digestive aid tablets. With its smooth mouthfeel and creamy texture, its ideal for formulating chewable tablets. 

Product Name


Tapped Density* 



Dense powder, USP, Ph. Eur., low lead


Wet Granulation


Dense powder, USP, Ph. Eur.


Wet Granulation


DC magnesium hydroxide powder pre-formulated with starch


Direct Compression

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