Effervescent delivery systems can provide a number of advantages, including possible improved bioavailability and faster onset of therapeutic action. These convenient dosage forms are fast dissolving and highly soluble. For example, effervescent tablets provide a means of accelerating drug absorption by quickly releasing the drug into a soluble form that can be ingested conveniently with a more rapid onset of action. For these reasons, this delivery form is popular for many pharmaceutical products such as antacids, analgesics, and cough/cold formulations.

The Effer-Soda Advantage:                                 

Excellent Flow

Effer-Soda is a highly stable, free flowing sodium bicarbonate powder which is highly compactable, requiring less binder.

Enhanced Stability

It effectively protects against premature effervescence by reducing the moisture sensitivity of the formulation. This is accomplished through a proprietary process that modifies the surface of the particles resulting in improved stability and the elimination of an early effervescent reaction.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Effer-Soda allows for manufacturing in conditions with limited humidity control and can reduce processing steps and costs for effervescent tablets and powders.

Related Applications

Excipients for Effervescents

Excipients for Effervescents

Effervescence has been widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. These delivery systems can provide various benefits ranging from ease and convenience of administration to providing more accurate dosing.

Ingredients for Nutraceuticals

Ingredients for Nutraceuticals

Highly engineered materials and expertise in functional core excipients have made us a valued partner in the formulation of dietary supplements and nutritional products. Our products help you achieve superior organoleptic properties.

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