Functional Excipients

SPI Pharma offers a wide range of functional excipients that help our customers produce cost-effective, high-quality finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products. 

Our highly engineered materials are manufactured in dedicated pharmaceutical facilities and meet the quality standards set for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Through our process knowledge and formulation expertise we have the ability to support all our customers' applications, including swallow tablets, chewable, soft chew, lozenges, orally disintegrating, and soft gel dosage forms.

Available Products

Mannogem® Mannitol

Mannogem® mannitol products offer a wide range of options for all oral dosage formulation applications. Our products are engineered to provide customized solutions to meet our customer’s specific processing needs.

Compressol® SM

Compressol® SM is a coprocessed pharmaceutical excipient designed specifically for direct compression processing of high active-dose formulations and difficult-to-compress actives.

Advantose® 100

Advantose® 100 is a spray-dried maltose powder that provides excellent flow, solubility, and tableting properties for oral dosage formulations.

Advantose® FS95

Advantose® FS95 spray-dried fructose is coprocessed with a small quantity of starch, which results in a highly compressible excipient for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and chewable vitamin applications.

Sorbitol Special®

Sorbitol Special® plasticizers for soft gelatin capsules provide consistent pharmaceutical quality and extend shelf-life by maintaining a proper moisture balance within the capsule shell.


Effer-Soda® is a highly stable, surface-modified, sodium bicarbonate powder used in effervescent tablet and powder formulations. It is highly effective in pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Lubripharm® SSF

Lubripharm® Sodium Stearyl Fumarate is a lubricant used in pharmaceutical capsule and tablet formulations. It has superior performance compared to magnesium stearate, especially in orally disintegrating formulations.

Asahi Kasei Excipients

Ceolus™ is an extremely compactible MCC, facilitating formulation design and tableting efficiency. Celphere™ is a 100% MCC spherical seed core for drug layering and film coating. These products are currently available through SPI Pharma in the US and Canada.