Aluminum Phosphate

For your antacid suspensions, aluminum phosphate coats the stomach to provide immediate antacid relief.

This product is a suspension of hydrated AlPO4 with an assay range of 19 – 21% Aluminum as AlPO4. It functions by coating the stomach wall. It does not neutralize stomach acids. Aluminum phosphate adsorbs the gall salts and stomach gas. Since the product does not chelate alimentary phosphate, it does not deplete phosphate from the stomach.

Product Name


% Aluminum as AIPO4


Type 520

Pumpable suspension


Low viscosity upon dilution
with supernatant

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Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Antacid suspensions can be made from viscous pastes, pumpable gels, powders (preferably micronized) or preformulated products. Antacid tablets and Laxative suspensions can be made from powders, directly compressible (DC) ingredients or DC preformulated products.

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