Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Formulations can be prepared from different types of actives. Antacid suspensions can be made from viscous pastes, pumpable gels, powders (preferably micronized) or preformulated products. Antacid tablets can be made from powders, directly compressible (DC) ingredients or DC preformulated products to suit your direct compression or wet granulation process.

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Determine which products best suit your formulation needs by using the Product Overview. From there, more detailed information about the products you have selected can be found in the corresponding sections. Explore our applications and discover how we can help with your antacid formulation. Sample starting formulas can be found by visiting the applicable product pages below. Our global team of technical experts is also available to discuss your project and offer advice.

Elemental Impurities

Operating in a highly regulated industry, we understand the importance of minimal elemental impurities for our customers. We perform a thorough risk assessment on all of our products to ensure regulatory compliance. SPI Pharma has invested approximately $1M of testing technology, resources and external testing to ensure our customers the peace of mind that our products are below the threshold and only require annual confirmation testing. Customers can depend on our certification and can alleviate their burden of testing.

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Digestive Aid Tablets By Direct Compression

Magnesium Hydroxide Tablets

We offer a directly compressible magnesium hydroxide with starch, MS90, for development of chewable digestive aid tablets with a smooth mouthfeel. MS90 is ready for direct compression, saving time and money. 

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