Mineral Supplement Ingredients

Our directly compressible calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide ingredients flow as smooth as milk, allowing you to make either chewable tablets with excellent mouthfeel or easy-to-swallow tablets. 

Have a supplement tablet formulation that requires a calcium carbonate or magnesium component?

We offer a range of directly compressible, preformulated mineral ingredients to support your formulation and dosage form needs while saving you time and money. Use our Product Selection Guide to help determine which ingredient suits your formulation and explore our products below.

Elemental Impurities

Operating in a highly regulated industry, we understand the importance of minimal elemental impurities for our customers. We perform a thorough risk assessment on all of our products to ensure regulatory compliance. SPI Pharma has invested approximately $1M of testing technology, resources and external testing to ensure our customers the peace of mind that our products are below the threshold and only require annual confirmation testing. Customers can depend on our certification and can alleviate their burden of testing.