Catalyst Carriers

Thanks to our key technology, we provide unique carrier compositions for the manufacturing of heterogeneous catalysts.

Over the years SPI Pharma has built up significant expertise in supplying highly engineered compounds and innovative solutions to help customers improve their products and processes. The fully integrated production of our catalyst supports take place at our site in France.

Customized for your needs

We work closely with our customers to develop the perfect catalyst carrier for each specific application and chemical transformation. With our range of inorganic supports, we can provide tailored solutions to meet the highest standards with reproducibility, robustness and quality.

Sodium silico aluminate carriers have been produced and sold by SPI Pharma since 1969. We are committed to partnering with customers to continue developing new and innovative catalyst solutions.


We work internally to develop new products based on inorganic metallic salts composition. External collaborations and partnerships are very important for us. We want to provide solutions to our customers supplying new materials for them.

Track Record

SPI Pharma has extensive knowledge and experience in inorganic oxides and hydroxides chemistry, having worked with aluminium hydroxide based antacid forms for more than 70 years and with sodium silico aluminate based catalyst support for 50 years. This expertise makes a difference throughout our production in terms of consistency of composition, morphology, pH and particle size distribution.


Our carrier production benefits from our extensive experience in dealing with the requirements of manufacturing GMP Excipients.


Each of our carrier products is a unique sodium silico aluminate composite material. Their amorphous structure combined with basic properties and bimodal pore size distribution make them excellent carriers to obtain a highly active heterogeneous catalyst for selective hydrogenation reactions.

Partner with us

We are committed to partnering and collaborating with customers to develop new and innovative catalyst solutions. We are ready to give you our support(s).