MS90 is a directly compressible magnesium hydroxide with starch. Ideally, MS90 is used for chewable tablets due to its smooth mouthfeel and creamy texture.

Highly engineered materials and expertise in functional core excipients and antacid actives have made us a valued partner in the formulation of mineral supplements and antacid tablets. MS90 is ideal for either the manufacture of magnesium supplement or antacid chewable tablets.

              For antacid Tablets

             For Supplement Tablets

Cost Effective

MS90 is ready for direct compression tableting, saving you time and money. Its compactability and binding properties allow formulators to reduce additional binders in the formula; making room for additional actives or simply making a smaller tablet.


Our specialized, spray dry technology provides uniform spherical particles, ensuring good flowability. MS90’s narrow particle size distribution ensures content uniformity and homogeneity during dry blending without risk of segregation


MS90 is a versatile ingredient that can be used as an active or as an excipient and can be used in a variety of final application forms.

Product Name


Tapped Density*

PSD D50 (μm)*



DC magnesium hydroxide
with starch


150 - 170

Can be easily combined with CS90 to develop chewable antacid tablets

*Tapped Density and PSD D50 (μm) are not specifications but typical values and range for our products

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