Aluminum Hydroxide Powders

We offer a wide range of aluminum powders which vary in density and particle size distribution.

Aluminum hydroxide dried gel products (powders) are typically used in wet granulation processes to manufacture antacid tablets. The aluminum assay for all products is no less than 76.5% on an Al(OH)3 basis or no less than 50% on an Al2O3 basis. The choice of which grade of aluminum powder to use is a formulation decision. The pharmaceutical formulator should select a grade based on desired tablet size, tablet hardness, or process parameters. Our Product Selection Guide will help to determine the appropriate grade. 

Product Name


Tapped Density*

PSD D50 (μm)*



Fine powder, USP, Ph. Eur

Tapped 0.16-0.25


Wet granulation

*Tapped Density and PSD D50 (μm) are not specifications but typical values and range for our products.

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Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Antacid suspensions can be made from viscous pastes, pumpable gels, powders (preferably micronized) or preformulated products. Antacid tablets and Laxative suspensions can be made from powders, directly compressible (DC) ingredients or DC preformulated products.

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