Introducing UltraBurst, a novel, innovative excipient platform for ODTs. Delivering the fastest disintegration time of any preformulated products on the market while maintaining best in class hardness, friability, and API loading.

First in Class Direct Compression Platform

For the first time, flash-like disintegration performance is available in a direct compression preformulated platform. UltraBurst is designed for direct compression for low manufacturing costs.

Flash Disintegration

UltraBurst can create low dose, 100mg tablets with 5 second disintegration time or improve the disintegration time of a 700mg ODT tablet by 35% while maintaining excellent hardness and friability.

Technical Support

Our customer-focused technical experts can help your team to quickly and more efficiently formulate your drug to complete the project. If your team is unsure of where or how to start with your project, custom formulation services from our expert ODT formulators are available for a fee.

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Orally Disintegrating Technology (Oral Drug Delivery)

Orally Disintegrating Technology (Oral Drug Delivery)

Offering ease of use and convenience, orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) and powders (ODP) have become a preferred dosage form for consumers worldwide for medications in a variety of therapeutic areas.



The success of your orally administered tablet may depend on how easy and pleasant it is for patients to take.

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