Advantose® 100

Advantose® 100 is a spray-dried maltose powder that provides excellent flow, solubility, and tableting properties for oral dosage formulations.  Maltose is well known for its safety and mouthfeel qualities, especially in chewable tablets and lozenges. 

Maltose Powder for Direct Compression
Advantose 100 maltose powder is a spray dried disaccharide carbohydrate. The safety and mouthfeel qualities of maltose are well-known. Now, by spray drying, the flow and tableting properties are greatly improved.

Produces Stable Tablets

Maintain binding characteristics

Tolerate high compression forces without capping on ejection from tableting dye 

Tolerates Variability in Lubricant Levels

Stable after extended mixing

Excellent Organoleptics

Improved disintegration and desirable mouthfeel for chewables

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Excipients for Swallow Tablets

Excipients for Swallow Tablets

Traditional swallow tablets are the most widely used solid oral dosage form. Their main advantages are ease of formulation and good chemical and physical stability. They tend to be the most economical to produce.

Excipients for Chewable Tablets and Lozenges

Excipients for Chewable Tablets and Lozenges

Chewable tablets and lozenges are often a preferred dosage form for children and adults who cannot swallow traditional tablets. Ideally these dosage forms should have a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasant taste.

Ingredients for Dietary Supplements

Ingredients for Dietary Supplements

Highly engineered materials and expertise in functional core excipients have made us a valued partner in the formulation of dietary supplements and nutritional products. Our products help you achieve superior organoleptic properties.

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