DC Sugars

Maltose and Fructose have been used successfully in a variety Food, Pharma, and Nutraceutical products. SPI Pharma has created a unique form of these sugars. Advantose® 100 Maltose and Advantose FS95 Fructose improve flow for these materials. As a result, these useful ingredients gain versatility and are easily incorporated into formulations for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablet products.

Versatile & Easy to Formulate

Directly Compressible Sugars
By utilizing advanced spray-dry and co-processing technologies, SPI has created free flowing and directly compressible options. Advantose 100 Maltose and Advantose FS95 Fructose have been specifically designed for use in direct compression oral dosage forms.

Improved Tableting & Processing 

Advantose brings multiple benefits to direct compression processes, making a difference in better tablets and higher throughputs.

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