Plasticizers for Softgel Capsules

The use of softgel capsules is increasing across a wide range of applications including prescription medicines, consumer health, vitamins, and mineral supplements.One of the key components of the softgel capsule is the plasticizer used to make the shell elastic and pliable and to minimize brittleness and cracking.The plasticizer usually accounts for 20-30% of the wet gel formulation which can impact the quality of the finished product.

Importance of Plasticizers for Softgel Capsules

The type of plasticizer and amount used will affect many of the characteristics of the finished product including dissolution or disintegration, hardness, and stability. Other important criteria for the selection of the right plasticizer include:

  • Compatibility with the active ingredient formulation
  • Ease of processing and handling
  • Effect on appearance and gloss of the finished product
  • Elimination of leaks or other quality defects
  • Effect on finished product's physical and chemical stability

Sorbitol Special® Softgel Plasticizers

Sorbitol Special plasticizers are the original sorbitol-based softgel plasticizers. Their superior plasticizing effect results in shorter capsule drying time and inhibited blooming. Softgels made with Sorbitol Special have also been proven to withstand the higher pressure of viscous or semi-solid fill preparations without any deformations.

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