Actimask® Ibuprofen

Actimask® taste-masked ibuprofen is an ideal choice for the formulation of chewable or orally dispersible dosage forms. The aqueous hydrophilic coating delivers an excellent taste barrier. In addition, the uniform hydrogel coating provides a smooth surface that has an excellent mouth feel and is easy to swallow.

Adding Value to Pharmaceutical Products

Actimask Ibuprofen exhibits minimal drug release in the oral cavity during the first few minutes of exposure thus avoiding the unpleasant taste and sensation associated with this active when swallowed. However, at gastric pH it exceeds USP/EP compendial dissolution requirements. An in vivo pharmacokinetic study has showed that formulations with Actimask Ibuprofen are comparable to other marketed products. 

Actimask Ibuprofen is easy to use.  It has good flow and is directly compressible making it perfect for direct compression applications. The high assay content allows for formulation flexibility and also helps to reduce the tablet weight of high dose formulations.

Actimask Ibuprofen Features & Benefits



Uniform Hydrogel Coating

  • Effective taste-mask prevents ibuprofen burning sensation
  • Smooth organoleptics in orodispersibles
  • No residual solvent

Rapid Drug Release

  • Orodispersible formulations meet compendial dissolution

High Assay

  • Provides formulating flexibility

Good Physical Characteristics

  • Easy to manufacture dose forms


  • Likely to be bioequivalent to marketed products

Related Applications



The success of your orally administered tablet may depend on how easy and pleasant it is for patients to take.

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