Adding Value to Pharmaceutical Products

For over 75 years, we have supplied the pharmaceutical industry with highly engineered products and innovative solutions that improve the formulation and delivery of drug products to meet patient needs. Our functional excipients and active ingredients meet the highest-quality standards possible and can offer customized, cost-effective options for many applications. We invite you to explore our product offerings. Our global technical team of experts can also help you select the right product to solve your formulation challenge. 

Antacid Actives

SPI Pharma is the global leader in immediate-relief antacid actives. We specialize in aluminum, magnesium, and calcium products, as well as preformulated solutions for the production of antacid suspensions and tablets.

Mineral Supplement Ingredients

Our directly compressible calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide ingredients flow as smooth as milk, allowing you to make either chewable tablets with excellent mouthfeel or easy-to-swallow tablets. 

Functional Excipients

SPI Pharma offers a wide range of functional excipients that help our customers produce cost-effective, high-quality finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Our highly engineered materials are manufactured in dedicated pharmaceutical facilities and meet the quality standards set for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Through our process knowledge and formulation expertise we have the ability to support all our customers' applications, including swallow tablets, chewable, soft chew, lozenges, orally disintegrating, and soft gel dosage forms.

Drug Delivery Systems

SPI Pharma offers the industry’s most innovative formulations of new orally disintegrating tablets and powder products. With the optimal combination of high-quality ingredients and unparalleled expertise, we can solve even the most challenging formulation problems. Our full spectrum of ODT products, services, and technologies support every stage of your product life cycle. Our fully formulated and optimized Pharmaburst® 500 system for ODT tablets is ready to use, requires no new tableting machinery or additional binders, and is fully supported by our team of formulation experts.

Taste-Masked Actives

Our Actimask® technology provides an excellent taste barrier and mouth feel without hindering API release and onset of therapeutic relief. By incorporating our taste-masking technology in the development of your product, we can help you increase the chances for success throughout your product life cycle.

Vaccine Adjuvants

SPI Pharma has extensive experience and knowledge of aluminum hydroxide chemistry, with more than 70 years for antacid forms and more than 20 years for VAC gels as a vaccine adjuvant. This expertise makes a difference in terms of consistency throughout our products with respect to compliance, morphology, particle size distribution, and protein adsorption capacity.

Digestive Aid Actives

SPI Pharma offers several types of magnesium to fit your manufacturing process and digestive aid formulation. Our technical staff can assist in the selection of the product that will run the most effectively for you.

Catalyst Carriers

Thanks to our key technology, we provide unique carrier compositions for the manufacturing of heterogeneous catalysts.