Advantol® 300

The Advantol platform uses proprietary co-processing technology that was developed for the formulation of patient friendly soft chew tablets. Advantol is a robust off-the-shelf excipient system that gives you formulation flexibility during product development in your lab.

Convenient Soft-Melt Technology

Requiring no special manufacturing equipment or tooling, Advantol formulations utilize a standard rotary tablet press with conventional tooling, enabling you to create robust soft chew tablets under normal tableting temperature and humidity conditions. In contrast to using wet granulation or spray-drying methods, our technology allows you to simply add the active to Advantol, dry blend, and compress—reducing your production cycle time and costs.

A Cost-Effective Delivery System

Advantol 300 offers high compactibility, low friability, and rapid disintegration in one easy-to-use directly compressible excipient system. Easy manufacturing, high functionality, and superior organoleptic properties make Advantol 300 the excipient of choice for soft-chew applications. Benefits of this delivery system include:

  • Smooth mouth feel
  • Quick disintegration
  • High drug or nutraceutical active loading in a small tablet

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