Sorbitol Special®

Sorbitol Special® plasticizers are sorbitan-sorbitol based soft gel plasticizers. They enhance the capsule finish gloss for a premium appearance, help to prevent leakage, provide consistent pharmaceutical quality, and extend shelf life by maintaining a proper moisture balance within the capsule shell.

Improving Soft Gel Capsules

The formation of a soft capsule requires the use of a non-volatile plasticizer in addition to water to guarantee the mechanical stability. Sorbitol Special plasticizers are engineered to counter balance the stresses during processing and drying. SPI Pharma has the products and expertise to make a difference in your soft gel.

Enabling Manufacturing

Helps improve appearance of soft gel capsules

Keep the shell soft and pliable, making it stable and easy to handle

Results in smooth and shiny, premium-finish

Increases success, reducing costs

Reduce leaking 

Moisture content maintained

Capsule breakage avoided

Reduce drying times for efficient operations

Use alone or combine with glycerin

Make more capsules faster, driving productivity and profit

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Plasticizers for Softgel Capsules

Plasticizers for Softgel Capsules

The use of softgel capsules is increasing across a wide range of applications including prescription medicines, consumer health, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

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