DC SIM 100

DC SIM 100 is a directly compressible simethicone powder for antacid and anti-gas tablets.

DC SIM 100 is easy to use and can be combined with other excipients or active ingredients to make tablets. Its high assay allows formulators to create smaller tablets.

Our directly compressible simethicone powder is easy to use powder in directly compressible processes. It has a high assay as polydimethylsiloxane 57.0-66.5% and has excellent de-foaming activity. A product dossier is also available.

Currently available in MEA, LATAM and ASPAC regions. 

Product Name



PSD D50 (μm)*


DC SIM 100

DC simethicone powder

60 - 70% Simethicone


Can be combined with AHMH 3535, CS90, MS90, CM90 and Vitasmooth for anti-flatulent properties.

* Assay and PSD D50 (μm) are not specifications but typical values and range for our products

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