Magnesium Compounds

Like aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide is a typical antacid active. Our line of magnesium hydroxide powders, pastes, and gels are used in wet granulation and direct compression tableting and suspension applications.

Naturally Sourced Minerals

Over the last 50 years, SPI Pharma has established a breadth of experience and knowledge to produce high quality magnesium products for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. In the United States many of our Magnesium Hydroxide based products originate from the Delaware Bay. This location was chosen due to the excellent quality and salinity of the seawater. Prior to pumping the seawater to our facility, it is filtered by using the natural sand bed of the bay to ensure no water life is affected by our process.

What happens once the extraction process is complete? After extraction, we test the seawater to guarantee quality and return it back to the bay to support the natural ecosystem.

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Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Ingredients for Antacids and Digestive Aids

Antacid suspensions can be made from viscous pastes, pumpable gels, powders (preferably micronized) or preformulated products. Antacid tablets and Laxative suspensions can be made from powders, directly compressible (DC) ingredients or DC preformulated products.

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