Pharmasperse® 416 is a versatile drug delivery system comprised of excipients that meet globally accepted compendia. This innovative platform can create patient friendly formulations.

Patient-Friendly Formulations

Orally Dispersible Powders
Pharmasperse 416 orally dispersible platform is specifically engineered for the ready manufacture of orally dispersible powder (ODP) formulations intended for filling into sachets or stickpacks. These highly portable dosage forms offer an attractive alternative to tablet formulations, especially populations that have difficulty swallowing, such as geriatric and pediatric patients.

Easy to Dose Powders

  • Helps to deliver fast therapeutic relief resulting in better patient outcomes
  • Helps to protect moisture sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), improving the stability of the formulation

Excellent Organoleptics

  • Pleasant taste with a refreshing cooling sensation to help counter the poor taste of some APIs
  • Quick dispersion without agglomeration or over-drying of the mouth

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Consistent Content Uniformity and Fill

  • Uniform particle size distribution to help ensure consistent filling of stickpacks or sachets
  • High density and low fines to reduce risk of a "puffing effect" that may lead to inhalation of the powder
  • Excellent flow, even in high drug loading formulations, for uniform, high speed operators

Streamlined Manufacturing Process

  • Pharmasperse is a preformulated system that streamlines the development and manufacturing process
  • Less excipients needed in the formulation result in fewer ingredients to handle, test, and inventory
  • Manufacturing only requires dry blending with the API and the appropriate levels of sweeteners, flavors, and colors using standard process equipment

Related Applications

Orally Disintegrating Technology (Oral Drug Delivery)

Orally Disintegrating Technology (Oral Drug Delivery)

Offering ease of use and convenience, orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) and powders (ODP) have become a preferred dosage form for consumers worldwide for medications in a variety of therapeutic areas.

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