Sodium Silico Aluminate with high silica content.

SILICALIT™ is a unique sodium silico aluminate composite material. It makes an excellent carrier to obtain a highly active heterogeneous catalyst for selective hydrogenation reactions. Activity and selectivity are achieved thanks to its amorphous structure combined with its basic properties and its bimodal pore size distribution.


Typical Analyses

SiO2 content 52.0 – 62.0%
Al2O3 content 15.0 – 20.0%
Moisture ≤ 8.0 %
pH 10.0 - 12.0
Density 0.48 - 0.55 g/mL
Specific S.A. ≥ 200 m2/g
PSD 80 - 200 μm ≥ 92.0 %

Particle Size Distribution

Packaging and Information

SILICALIT™ is provided EXW Septèmes, France in 400kg Big Bags. 

CAS number: [1344-00-9]
Product code: 120-1027

Safety and Handling

Specific safety and handling information are indicated on our Material Safety Data Sheet.

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