Magnesium Hydroxide Pastes and Gels

We provide a wide range of magnesium hydroxide gels and pastes varying in assay and viscosity to meet your formulation needs. Selecting the right grade of magnesium gel or paste allows the formulator to make a high-quality antacid at a competitive price.

Product Name

% Mg(OH)2 Assay




NMT 500 cps,
Brookfield Viscometer



800-1800 cps,
Brookfield Viscometer

Type M


1400-3000 cps,
Brookfield Viscometer



1900-3000 cps,
Brookfield Viscometer

* Details of Viscometer relating to type and speed is included in the Product Information located in Related Resources section.

Flogel is a pumpable magnesium hydroxide suspension. Because of its very low viscosity, Flogel requires the use of suspending agents.

LVM magnesium paste is recommended for extra-strength products where a suspending agent is employed.

Type M magnesium paste is ideally suited for regular-strength antacid suspensions or milk of magnesia (MoM) laxatives. Because the M grade has high viscosity and it yields a creamy product, suspending agents are not necessary.

MG12 magnesium paste is ideally suited for regular strength antacid suspensions or milk of magnesia (MoM) laxatives. MG12 has the same advantages as M, but is easier to transfer because it is pumpable. It can be delivered in drums, totes, and even bulk container trucks.

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