Advantose® FS95

Advantose® FS95 spray-dried fructose is coprocessed with a small quantity of starch, which results in a highly compressible excipient for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and chewable vitamin applications.

Directly Compressible Fructose
Fructose has a very desirable sweetness and a natural food orientation; however, it is not directly compressible and has poor dissolution properties. Advantose FS95 is a directly compressible codried system of fructose and a small amount of starch. This combination makes an excellent excipient for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chewable vitamin applications.

Exceptional Compressibility

Allows for complex tablet designs

Suitable for chewables

Excellent Organoleptics

Pleasant sweetness that masks undesirable tastes


Lends itself to clean label market


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Excipients for Swallow Tablets

Excipients for Swallow Tablets

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Excipients for Chewable Tablets and Lozenges

Excipients for Chewable Tablets and Lozenges

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Ingredients for Dietary Supplements

Ingredients for Dietary Supplements

Highly engineered materials and expertise in functional core excipients have made us a valued partner in the formulation of dietary supplements and nutritional products. Our products help you achieve superior organoleptic properties.

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