Mannogem® XL Mannitol

Mannogem® XL, an innovative approach to mannitol designed to improve the formulation experience and enhance formulation performance. It is a multifunctional, compendial grade of DC spray dried mannitol that provides superior binding and quick disintegration. 

What's important to your formulation?

Superior compactibility

Simplified formulations

Speed development at lower costs

Going beyond a standard diluent (filler) and performing as a binder with excellent disintegration, Mannogem XL enables production of difficult to compress and problematic formulations.

Mannogem XL retains the positive qualities of compendial mannitol while boasting enhancements:

25% higher tablet hardness

38% quicker disintegration per tablet hardness

50% higher drug loading capability

200% improvement in friability at a low compression force

What's important to your manufacturing process?

Fewer failures

Higher yields and tableting rates 

XL's advanced process control and design can help! It is uniquely engineered to provide productivity improvements from development to manufacture, resulting in major gains in final dosage form consistency. Greater manufacturing consistencies are provided through XL's performance and tight particle size range.  

What’s important to caregivers?

Increasing patient compliance

Using XL it is possible to increase patient compliance through tablet size reduction, faster disintegration times, and formulation simplification.

What is important to patients?

Positive experiences when taking medication

Our new product utilizes the quality of mannitol including: positive organoleptics, useful in formulation of chewable, fast melts, and orally disintegrating tablets.

Ready to try XL?

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