Mannogem® XL Opal

Introducing Mannogem XL Opal, the latest innovation in spray-dried mannitol from the SPI Pharma Precious Gem Collection. Improve your manufacturing operations, product performance and the patient experience with our high-performing spray-dried mannitol.

Directly Compressible 160 µm Spray-Dried Mannitol 

Mannogem XL Opal helps pharmaceutical formulators overcome many of the common challenges of working with mannitol.

Increase Productivity

Manufacturing Efficiency

Provides superior binding properties and tabletability over standard 160 µm spray-dried mannitols and other excipients.

Simplified Formulations & Consistency

Use less excipients and enhance content uniformity, speeding development at lower costs.

Improve the Patient Experience

Innovative Dosage Forms

Ideal for use as a base for ordered mixing with micronized APIs and low-dose formulations

Enables rapid and effective formulation of convenient, patient-friendly dosage forms, such as ODTs, chewable tablets and soft-chews

Patient Compliance

Quick disintegration

Excellent mouthfeel with pleasant organoleptics 

Tablet size reduction

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