Standard Vaccine Adjuvants

SPI Pharma’s technology is built on highly engineered pseudo-Boehmite. This proven technology can adsorb a large range of proteins and inactivated bacteria/viruses.

Less Antigen With Right Adjuvant

At pH preparation of vaccines around 5-7, pseudo-Boehmite gels have the property to:

Adsorb negatively charged antigens

Slow the release of an inactivated virus or bacteria

Activate and stimulate the immune response

Track Record & Quality

Decades in the industry supplying major vaccine producers

Manufactured under excipient GMP

Ph. Eur. Monograph Compliant

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Vaccine Adjuvants

Vaccine Adjuvants

SPI Pharma supplies aluminum hydroxide vaccine adjuvants to enhance and help the ability of your antigen to stimulate the immune system.

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