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  • Antacid Actives

    • Aluminum Hydroxide Gels and Powders
    • Magnesium Hydroxide Powders
    • Magnesium Hydroxide Pastes and Gels
    • Aluminum and Magnesium Specialty Products
  • Directly Compressible Calcium Powders

    • CM90
    • CS90
    • CS95
    • Vitasmooth®
  • Functional Excipients

    • Mannogem® Mannitol
    • Compressol® SM
    • Advantose® 100
    • Advantose® FS95
    • Sorbitol Special®
    • Effer-Soda®
    • Lubripharm® SSF
    • Asahi Kasei Excipients
  • Drug Delivery Systems

    • Pharmaburst® 500
    • Pharmasperse®
    • Advantol® 300
  • Taste-Masked Actives

    • Actimask® Acetaminophen
    • Actimask® Ibuprofen
  • Vaccine Adjuvants

    • Standard Vaccine Adjuvants
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Work at SPI Pharma

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SPI Pharma is firmly committed to being a leading supplier of solutions to our pharmaceutical and nutritional customers worldwide. To accomplish this goal, we invest in our people. We believe our success as a company relies on the personal success of our employees. We look for passionate, hardworking individuals who are eager to learn, develop and thrive. In return, we guarantee all employees an equal opportunity to succeed in a safe and respectful work environment. We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, lifelong learning & development opportunities as well as a collaborative, team-based approach.

From our corporate office in Wilmington, DE to our two manufacturing plants in Lewes, DE and Grand Haven, MI, SPI Pharma offers a broad range of opportunities. SPI Pharma is an equal opportunity employer.

To learn more about the current opportunities listed below or submit your resume for consideration, please email us at: careers@spipharma.com.

Current Positions:

  • Production Operator – Grand Haven, MI
  • Sr. Finance Analyst – Wilmington, DE
  • Quality Control Chemist – Lewes, DE
  • Global R&D Manager – Wilmington, DE
  • Salesforce & Concur Administrator – Wilmington, DE