Celebrating Decades of Hard Work and Friendship


Craig Temple and Roy Rogers have worked together making antacids, mineral supplements, and digestive aids at our Lewes, Delaware facility for nearly 42 years. Craig started his job in 1974, just two days after his 18th birthday and has been at Lewes ever since. He has done everything from packaging to spray drier to junior process controller, then promoted to senior process controller, supervisor, and senior operator. Craig says one of the biggest reasons he has stayed all of these years is having good coworkers, like his friend, Roy.

Roy served in the United States Marine Corps for four years prior to starting at SPI Pharma (then known as Rhone-Poulenc Rorer) in 1977. He, too, has worked his way through the plant from the packaging room to spray drier, then he was promoted to utility, back-up team leader, team leader, and is now the production coordinator.

Roy says there have been many changes through the years, but he welcomes them because it keeps things interesting. He was happy when computer automation and more processes arrived at the plant because it was a chance to broaden his skillset. Craig agreed, saying the automation was necessary due to changing regulatory standards over time, and ultimately, made the site more efficient.

Some things have stayed the same, however. They both have raised their families in the Lewes community. They have participated on company softball and bowling teams through the years. Craig and Roy’s hard work and dedication to excellence over the past four decades has directly contributed to the success of the Lewes facility. They are looking forward to celebrating the 50th Anniversary in September.

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