Lewes 50th Anniversary: Guy Wiggins Feature


While Guy Wiggins’ SPI Pharma journey began at the Lewes site officially 18 years ago, his first experience was working there as an intern in 1995. His internship overlapped his father’s 30-year tenure. Since the Lewes facility opened 50 years ago, there have only been two years without a Wiggins onsite.

Guy recalls visiting his dad at work as a child. There was a helicopter pad on the front lawn for when executives from Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, the owner at the time, would visit. From the front of the plant, there was a strip of land and then a clear view straight out to the sea.

Guy was hired full time in 2001 and joined the Quality department as a Technical Services Specialist. He spent his time teaching customers how to test our products. About ten years later, he moved into the role of Quality Assurance Information Specialist and continues in this role today.

Over time, grass has grown to cover the helicopter pad that is no longer used, and beach homes have been built on that strip of land. There are things that haven’t changed, however. The Lewes facility is still very much a family affair, employing combinations of siblings, cousins, spouses, uncles and nephews, and fathers and sons.

Many employees will tell you they grew up together and raised their families together. Others met at work and have become lifelong friends. The common thread throughout it all is this- SPI Pharma’s Lewes facility is as much a member of the community as the people who show up every day to make a difference in the lives of consumers who need immediate relief antacids.

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