Use Micronized Powders in Antacid Suspensions

  1. Micronized powders create a pleasant mouthfeel

    These powder grades are very fine, with uniform particle size distribution, which ensures a suspension with an excellent mouthfeel.

  2. They're perfect for high dosage formulations

    Micronized powders are ideal for high dosage formulations used in single dose mini stick packs or for regular bottle suspensions. Powder forms have a higher assay than paste and gels that are typically used to make suspensions, meaning less quantity is required to reach the desired dosage in an antacid suspension formulation. This allows for a higher dosage in reduced volume, for more convenient dosage forms. For example, individual doses such as mini stick packs.  

  3. Micronized powders do not require special mixing devices

    Micronized powder grades easily disperse into suspensions. At lab scale, they go easily into suspensions with a regular propeller mixer, without creating lumps. As they are already micronized, high shear mixers, homogenizers, or other types of equipment are not needed to disperse powder in the suspension and reduce the PSD for better organoleptics.

  1. They are more cost effective to inventory and ship versus pastes and gels

    Micronized powders can have reduced inventory and lower shipping costs. Powder forms have a higher assay than pastes and gels, meaning that a lower quantity is required and resulting in a reduced inventory of the API.