Why Patient Centric Formulations?

  1. Convenience

    Patient centric dose forms, such as orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) or sachets/stickpacks (ODPs) are easy to transport and can be taken without water. These doses can be taken on the go and are a preferred alternative for travelers or patients in areas with a limited or unreliable supply of safe water.

  1. Adherence

    Patient centric doses are ideal for populations with difficulty swallowing and for both older and pediatric populations. ODTs, ODPs, and other similar style doses have better organoleptic properties, which makes taking them a more pleasant experience.

  1. Dose Accuracy

    Liquid suspensions are easily spilled or spit out. They also require the proper amount of mixing just prior to pouring the dose with no guarantee the amount of API is exactly as required by the physician. ODTs and ODPs have the exact amount of API in each dose, stopping the dose accuracy guessing game in its tracks.