To protect our planet’s future health and minimize our impacts, we are mindful of our use of natural resources, consistently looking for ways to reduce what we emit into the atmosphere and repurpose or reduce our waste. We monitor our processes, inputs and outputs to ensure we play our part in protecting and promoting a healthier and safer world for future generations. 

Protecting the environment

Our environmental activities are guided by our robust non-financial data systems, which are constantly measuring outputs so that we can monitor, manage and reduce our environmental footprint.


Reducing our carbon footprint

We’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout all our sites and almost 75% work on a timer system. Our energy efficiency initiatives and operational changes have resulted in a reduction in energy use since 2016. 

Responsible sourcing

When we procure environmentally sensitive materials, we’ll always consider sustainable alternatives as part of our buying decisions and address risks along our supply chain. We align our procurement and due diligence of sensitive materials to the requirements of the EU Deforestation Act and other relevant legislation that impacts our customers and suppliers alike.  


Recycling and sending less to landfill

We aim to reduce waste so that we send less to landfill. At all our sites, our people are looking for new ways to increase our reuse or recycling rates for the waste we generate. For example, recovered solids from processes at our Septèmes site in France are repurposed for use in cement production, and waste from our Lewes operation in Delaware, USA is used by local farmers to control soil acidity.

Naturally sourced minerals

In the United States many of our magnesium hydroxide products originate from the seawater in Delaware Bay. This location was chosen due to its excellent quality and salinity. We ensure that no sea life is affected by using the natural sand bed of the bay to filter the seawater before it enters our facility. After extracting the magnesium hydroxide, we test the seawater to guarantee quality before returning it back to the bay to maintain the natural ecosystem.