Mannogem® Emerald

Introducing Mannogem Emerald, compendial, powder mannitol from the SPI Pharma Precious Gem Collection. Improve your manufacturing operations, product performance and the patient experience with our high-performing powder mannitol.

25 µm Powder Mannitol 

Mannogem Emerald helps pharmaceutical formulators enhance the efficiency and security of their supply chains and formulate with a greater confidence.

Increase Productivity

Manufacturing Efficiency

Enables higher production rates, reduced sensitivity to lubricants, low friability, and high binding capacity.

Supply Chain Efficiency & Security

Expand the number of global supply option for pharmaceutical formulators and mitigate risks associated with single-sourcing.

Improve the Patient Experience

Patient Compliance

Mannogem powder mannitols dissolve quickly, delivering excellent palatability through a creamy texture and mild sweetness.

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