UltraBurst™ eBook: Develop ODTs in a FLASH with UltraBurst™

Learn how to maximize your formulation success with our innovative excipient platform for ODTs.

Looking to maximize your formulation success along with keeping excellence in your final dosage form, our new platform for ODTs, UltraBurst is the key.

Our new UltraBurst eBook has an abundance of information that helps formulators make informed decisions and overcome obstacles in their development process, ultimately leading to the creation of safe, effective, and patient-friendly dosage forms.

In this eBook, SPI Pharma gives you the secrets you are looking for when developing Direct Compression Platforms with UltraBurst:

  • Easy to formulate platform
  • Ultra-fast disintegration times
  • Low friability
  • Excellent organoleptics
  • Develop safe and patient-friendly dose forms

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