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Higher Adsorption Vaccine Adjuvants

Our VAC 20 HA grade has a 2% assay Al2O3%. SPI can customize the assay level with this improved adsorption capacity. This new grade is validated at our facility in France, which is FDA and ANSM approved.

Additional Resources

VAC 20 HA has 50% more adsorption capacity than the standard VAC 20 grade.

Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm

Adsorption Capacity

VAC 20 HA stays within range of physiological pH.


VAC 20 HA has a finer particle size that reduces inflammation at the point of injection. The finer PSD means more surface area for more adsorption capacity.


VAC 20 HA grade is an example of SPI Pharma’s ability to customize our VAC grades. If you have the need for an adjuvant meeting certain specifications, please contact us.