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    • Asahi Kasei Excipients
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    • Pharmaburst® 500
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    • Advantol® 300
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Pharmaburst® 500

The Pharmaburst® 500 oral disintegrating technology platform has been used successfully in more than 60 marketed products worldwide. 

Additional Resources

An Innovative Platform for a Patient-Friendly Dosage Form

Global pharmaceutical manufacturers choose Pharmaburst ODT technology to formulate their drugs as oral disintegrating tablets because of its many benefits, including:

  • Optimal compactibility with rapid disintegration for ODT tablets that are durable enough to withstand packaging and handling while also meeting requirements for rapid disintegration (less than 30 seconds)
  • High component solubility, enabling the formulation of a fast-disintegrating ODT tablet even at high dosage levels (up to 500 mg)
  • Superior organoleptic properties, helping to ensure that each orally disintegrating tablet is palatable and provides a pleasant sensory experience
  • Ready-to-use system scientifically engineered to manufacture robust, rapidly disintegrating tablets using standard tableting equipment.
  • Cost-effectiveness and accelerated speed to market for product line extensions and entry into new markets and patient populations

Creating Unique Product Formulations

Pharmaburst ODT technology can be combined with our proprietary taste-masking solutions to create customized tablets with benefits such as:

  • Acceptability of orally administered drugs that have a bitter taste 
  • Increased compliance among populations who may reject unpalatable tablets, such as pediatric or psychiatric patients
  • Better therapeutic efficacy and bioavailability of certain drugs
  • Improved stability in some drugs
  • Improved organoleptic characteristics